UFO Film and Television Studios is a 4 studio- 5000 m2 (53,819 sq. ft.) complex with back-lot located 22 kilometers from the Sofia city center in an area called Dolna Malina. In addition to the studio, there is over 56,000 m2 (602,778 sq. ft.) of back-lot and expansion area for new exterior standing sets and stages.

Presently UFO Back-lot has a Standing Western Town, American Town, Middle East City, Medieval Village, Arctic Research Station and Afghan Village.

Plans are to build 4 more 1000 m2 stages (10,763 sq. ft.) dedicated to Television and commercial production over the next 2 years.

See details about: Stage 1Stage 2,  Stage 3Stage 4


At present the UFO Film and Television Studio back-lot includes an American TownWestern TownMedieval Square Afghan Village, and Arctic Station.

Production services


UFO camera rental services carries wide range of cameras digital and film; Digital Cameras include Red Dragon, Red Epic, Red MX, Black Magic and various other action and stunt cameras. Film cameras include; Arri-Cam Lite, Arri 235 along with BL-4’s, Arri 3’s, Arri 2’s. In addition, UFO camera carries the Ultra Prime and the very popular Russian Elite lens packages as well as numerous other 2nd Unit Zeiss lens packages and various heads and Cook and Arri Zooms.


Grip and lighting

UFO has full grip and lighting packages which includes dollies, cranes, Hot Heads, grip equipment and process car trailers. Our lighting packages include a complete range of HMI’s, LCD, Tungsten, Keno-Flows and Lightning Strikes. Our grip and lighting packages are complimented by a wide inventory of state of the art of grip and lighting equipment accessories.


Eastern Europe has a long history of production. During the peak of government-backed filmmaking, Bulgaria was producing as many as 50 features a year. In a country with a total population of less than 7.5 million that is over 10 times as many feature productions per capita than the United States. This has contributed to a very deep well-trained crew base. UFO on  most of its productions are using all local keys including First AD’s, Sound Recorder, 2nd Unit DP’s and Production designers. Most local crew members have had at least 15 or more years’ experience working on western productions, speaking English, Italian, Spanish and German along with understanding western production customs and operations including SAG and DGA rules, penalties and regulations. In addition, there are a number of locally based DGA 1st AD’s with US addresses to facilitate DGA 1 st AD requirements when needed, avoiding travel, peridium and housing costs.


With Bulgaria’s long history of production there is a large professional actor and stuntmen base in the country. In addition, there are numerous stunt coordinators with talented stunt teams working at rates less than quarter that of their western counterparts. In recent years Bulgarian stunt crews have become the go-to teams for series such as Game of Thrones, Black Sails, Spartacus and many others. With the many productions over the last 15 years, a large contingent of local American and British actors has also developed to compliment the local Bulgarian actors.To further compliment European casting, most shows take advantage of the very talented British actors out of London. Less than a 3-hour flight away these actors are able to augment many of the roles which would normally be cast out of Los Angeles or New York at rates far below SAG scale without residual obligations working as internationals on union shows. In addition to local actors, there is an abundant number of extras with a wide range of ethnic looks from American to Asian to Indian to African American.


UFO rentals carry full sound recording packages for field and studio. These packages include the newest Fostex and Sound Devices Hard Drive recorders and a full complement of radio mikes, mix boards and booms.

Editing & HD on-line suite

The Edit Suites include 2 full on-line Avid systems with full surround and fully automated mixing board, Dual 30” HD Monitors, as well as a 42” HD monitor for easy viewing and comfort to make your edit experience as pleasant as possible.The Edit systems are backed up by over 50 terabytes of Raid storage and a fully automated LTO system for security and back up.

Post production

CinedigitalFX with a staff of full time animators, compositors, modelers and digital artists is one of the most prolific special effects houses with an average of over 6 features a year. It is also one of the longest continuous running houses in the business beginning operations in 1989 from its Los Angeles origins. With our animation facilities located in Sofia Bulgaria, CinedigitalFX can provide you an edge that few other special effects companies can give you; western style special effects services at Eastern European budgets.

CinedigitalFX having the experience of over 100 special effect driven features to date can give you the same interaction as you would if you were posting your special effects in LA. With our Los Angeles office, you can have onsite personal interaction with animators who will be directly responsible for your project. In addition to our animation services, CinedigitalFX can also provide you with complete pre-visualization of your project through anamatic animations to finals.

CinedigitalFX originally under the UFOFX name was previously a division in UFO International Productions LLC (UFO). Special Effect operations began in 1989 as one of the first companies to use desk top- PC hardware to create feature film special effects. Years ahead of the PC revolution, the founders Phillip Roth and Jeffery Beach developed their skills by creating feature film projects that exploited these early special effects, creating cutting edge high concept films for the international markets at a fraction of the cost. The 1995 launch of UFO began with the 1994 successful release of a science fiction- action adventure film, "A.P.E.X." with its under 1-million-dollar budget was released theatrically in over 100 hundred theaters in the United States to over 18 million in international and domestic revenue. At the time it was one of the most successful independent science films ever released with over 350 digital special effects all created on desk top computers. This was the first theatrical digital special effect film ever completed with this work flow.

Today CinedigialFX and their partner companies provide; International Licensing, Distribution, Production Service, Rentals, Animation and Post Production.

CinedigitalFX most recent production history includes the release of "Company of Heroes" based on the popular video game which became Sony's most successful non-theatrical film in their companies history. More recently CinedigitalFX has delivered special effects for "Sniper 5 and 6 with Tom Berenger for Sony Pictures. "Jarheads 2 and 3" for Universal, as well as "Wrong Turn 6" for 20th Century Fox. At present CinedigitalFX is in post on "Jarhead: Law of Return and THE CAR for Universal as well as DEATH RACE 4 for Universal.

CinedigitalFX goal is to provide your production with highest quality special effects at budgets that reflect the present economics of our business.