UFO Film and Television Studios is a production service company providing studios and standing sets rental, complete production services, animation & post production. The company's Studio and Back-lot is based in Sofia Bulgaria along with its Special Effects and Post Production facilities. UFO also has offices in Los Angeles where its licensing and distribution operations are based.


UFO Film and Television Studios is a 4 studio – 5000 m2 (53,819 sq. ft.) complex with back-lot located 22 kilometers from the Sofia city center in a village called Dolna Malina. In addition to the studio there is over 56,000 m2 (602,778 sq. ft.) of back-lot and expansion area for new exterior standing sets and new stages. 


A 20m by 5m curved XR stage manufactured by Lamp, the world’s largest manufacturer of LED walls. Located at UFO Film and Television Studios complex, in a 510 sqm (5500 sq ft) stage with 13 meter (43 feet) ceilings with full size vehicle access doors. Located in our studio complex with access to standing sets, wardrobe, props, set dressing, camera, lights, grip and picture vehicles rentals. Making it one of the few full-service XR studio facilities in the industry.     

Standing sets

Arctic Station

Over 600 m2 (6458 sq. ft.) Antarctic Facility that is surfaced with concrete to allow easy snow coverage. The station can look like it is sitting in the middle of ice and snow- winter or summer.

Western Town

With a fully functional Saloon, hotel, church, blacksmith, livery stable and bank this is a full size western town that can easily play various periods from the early 1800’s up to the early 30’s with signage changes and additional props.

Middle Eastern Town

6 city blocks with side walks, archs, columns, crossings and street lights including various sections; city hall, stores living quaters, and a full size market. Directly annexed to the town is a a military base, connected by the main road into the city center. 65% of the buildings are fully functional allowing for full interior to exterior shooting.

Viking Village

The Viking Village can easily play from the 10th century until more recent periods such the 17th century by making prop and set dressing adjustments.

Afghan Village

The Square was initially built to play as an Afghan Village, nevertheless it can easily play as a Medieval, or Latin American village.

American Town

4 city blocks with side walks, crossings and street lights including a hotel, bar, city hall, sheriff’s office, medical center and stores including a full size market. Directly annexed to the town is a gas station connected by the main road into the city center. 65% of the buildings are fully functional allowing for full interior to exterior shooting.

Prison - Boot Camp

Main gate and four high walls with barb wire. Inside the enclosed area there are two high standing watchtowers.

Production Services


UFO camera rental services carries wide range of cameras digital and film; Digital Cameras include Red Dragon, Red Epic, Red MX, Black Magic and other. Film cameras include; Arri-Cam Lite, Arri 235 along with BL-4’s, Arri 3’s, Arri 2’s
In addition, UFO camera carries the Ultra Prime & the Elite lens packages as well as numerous other Zeiss lens packages and heads.

02Grip and lighting

UFO has full grip and lighting packages which includes Panthers dollies, cranes, Hot Heads, grip equipment and process car trailers. Our lighting packages include a complete range of HMI’s, Tungsten, Keno-Flows and Lightning Strikes lights. Our grip packages include Blue Screens, Green Screens and a wide assortment of latest grip and lighting equipment previously not available in Eastern Europe.

03Special Effects

Since many of the films, produced or production serviced by UFO, are packed with action, adventure, Science Fiction and/or Horror UFO has build an extensive record and experience in implementing special effects in its productions. In addition to the special effects equipment owned in-house, naturally we employ the most skilled weapons masters, pyro-technitians, modelers and mechanical engineers whos experience has grown with UFO’s film record.


UFO rentals carry full sound recording packages for field and studio. These packages include the newest Fostex and Sound Devices Hard Drive recorders and a full complement of radio mikes, mix boards and booms.

05Props & Set Dressing

UFO’s props and set dressing collection covers two decades of film making history. The studio storage facilities adequately complement each standing exterior or interior set at UFO FILM STUDIOS; From period Viking to futuristic. Our goal is to provide a “one stop shop” service to our clients, which we achieve through our diverse assortment.

06Set Construction

Bulgaria has centuries old traditions in the arts and crafts, mastery has been passed down through the generations. In recent history those very traditions have grown to evolve, adapt and translate through the Film Industry. Bulgarian carpenters, painters, riggers, welders and plasterers have proven that can meet any challenge in terms of volume, complexity, deadlines, and quality. And all this at a fraction of the price, both in materials and Labor. For optimized efficiency there is a onsite workshop in the studio complex.

07Costumes Rental

UFO wardrobe facility carries contemporary, period, fairytale & futuristic costumes. Within the collection one can find a wide range of both specialized costumes by profession as well as a sufficient casual variety. Some period costume lines incl; Cowboys, Viking, Crusaders, Fairytale Medieval, Arabic and more.Specialized costumes, both contemporary and futuristic lines; Military (wide range of nationalities), Hazmat, Medical, Lab, Astronauts & more.

08Picture Vehicles

UFO Car-park consists of more than 30 picture vehicles. From Americana Trucks, to American Muscle Cars, Police cars & jeeps, to the Most Contemporary US military vehicles. UFO has a solid experience in productions heavy on Picture Vehicles. In Addition UFO has its own workshop in which our mechanics and welders can transform any car in to unique picture vehicle. Some of the productions which UFO has production serviced incl; The Car “Road to Revenge & Death Race. In addition UFO maintains close ties with all the prominent car collectors in Bulgaria and has an extensive data base with unique cars within the Borders of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.


UFO has its own in-house transportation park. Costumes & Make UP Truck, 160 kw Generator. Lights & Grip Trucks, Camera wagon, luxury director and actors vans & more. All reliable well maintained by the in-house mechanics workshop facility.

10Location Equipment

In order to achieve a complete and smooth production service experience for our clients and partners we also carry a fully equipped Location Equipment Facility. This allows us to be fast reliable and flexible, and to meet with ease any challenging or unpredictable situation and location. From industrial heaters to full catering equipment package and more…


Eastern Europe has a long history of production. During the peak of government-backed filmmaking, Bulgaria was producing as many as 50 features a year. In a country with a total population of less than 7.5 million that is over 10 times as many feature productions per capita than the United States. This has contributed to a very deep well-trained crew base. UFO on most of its productions are using all local keys including First AD’s, Sound Recorder, 2nd Unit DP’s and Production designers. Most local crew members have had 15 or more years of experience working on western productions, speaking English, Italian, Spanish and German along with understanding western production customs and operations including SAG and DGA rules, penalties and regulations.


With Bulgaria’s long history of production there is a large professional actor in the country.  With the many productions over the last 10 years, a large contingent of local American and British actors has also developed to compliment the local actors.
Most shows take advantage of the very talented British actors cast out of London. Less than a 3 hour flight away these actor are able to augment many of the roles which would normally be cast out of Los Angeles or New York.
Large groups of experienced extra talent are widely available at costs over 80% below western costs. In addition to local extras there is a wide range of ethnic groups from Asian to Indian to African American are available

13Special Makeup

With film titles like Doom, Wrong Turn, Boogeman, The Grudge 3, Rage of the Yeti and SS Doom Trooper; UFO has proven to that utilizes the craft of special makeup to its fullest. In order to accomplish the highest standards of special makeup UFO engages the most talented Bulgarian Artists which have proven themselves internationally and positioned themselves as leaders in the Industry globally.


There is a large professional stuntmen & women base in the country. In addition, there are numerous stunt coordinators with talented stunt teams working at rates less than half that of their western counterparts.
Bulgaria’s long history of complex action & military film productions in combination with traditions in martial arts, rally and dirt bike racing, alpine sports and other extreme sports (which Bulgaria has given many champions to the world), Bulgaria has become an incubator for fearless stunt people who have strict internal rules for safety

Post production

CinedigitalFX is one of the most prolific special VFX houses with an average of over 6 features a year. It is also one of the longest continuous running houses in the business beginning operations in 1990. With our animation facilities located in Sofia Bulgaria, CinedigitalFX can provide you an edge that few other special effects companies can give you; western style special effects services at Eastern European budgets. CinedigitalFX having the experience of over 100 special effect driven features to date can give you the same interaction as you would if you were posting your special effects in LA. With our Los Angeles offices, you can have onsite personal interaction with company personnel who will be directly responsible for your project. This is complimented by our lower costs which give you the best of off shore cost savings and local creative interaction

Post production