About us

UFO International Productions LLC (UFO) is a company providing; International Licensing, Production, Studio Services, Rentals, Animation and Post Production. The company's Studio and Back-lot is based in Sofia Bulgaria along with its Special Effects and Post Production facilities. UFO also has offices in Los Angeles where its licensing and distribution operations are based.

UFO has produced over 100 features films since its establishment in 1995. It is a company that originally specialized in high concept/ disaster/ action productions- driven by cutting edge special effects. More recently the company has produced some of the most successful dramatic features for Lifetime Channel, Hallmark and most recently Sony Television. These include Taken with Julie Benz, Valentine Again starring Emma Burdon and Very Valentine for Sony Television Starring Jacqueline Bisset.

UFO was one the earliest companies to use PC computing power and software to create special effects for film. It then became the first company to integrate its production operations with a digital special effect facility in 1995. Today it is one of the most prolific producers of special effect driven- television movies in the world. Its success is further solidified by its ratings.

With UFO's release of "Company of Heroes" based on the video game through Sony, it became one of their most successful non-theatrical films in their history. On another front UFO has produced some of the most watched shows in the history of the Syfy channel. This translated to out of the top 5 highest rated shows on their Saturday Movies, 4 were produced by UFO.

Most recently UFO has completed production of DOOM 2, THE CAR re-boot, JARHEAD: Law of Return for Universal and VERY VALENTINE for Sony Television.