Velocity Trap

Series & Films / Velocity Trap

Director: Phillip J. Roth

Cast: Olivier Gruner, Alicia Coppola, Ken Olandt, Jorja Fox, Bruce Weitz, Ray Oriel, Jaason Simmons, Victor Love, Yannick Bisson, Craig Wasson, Anna Karin, James C. Burns, Tom Ardavany, Harry Wowchuk,

Genre: Action,Sci-Fi

Status: completed

Year: 1997

In a desolate and treachorous region of space known as the Velocity Run, a heavily armored ship passes every six months. It carries billions of Universal Dollars between the colonies and the Central Bank on Earth. Hard currency has returned due to rampant electronic crime. Now a team of highly trained mercenaries are about to commit the perfect crime in a place where evidence and witnesses have no chance of survival. In this deadly corridor of space, a single man must stop them.

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