Director: Philip J Roth, Martin Makariev

Cast: Luisa Grigorova, Ben Cross, Amos Taman, David Chokachi

Genre: Thrille

Status: pre production

Year: 2019

In 1991 Eitan Levi is an IDF operative working on a Balkan mission. His skills bring him to be recruited by the Mossad. But a failed operation leads him to become a rouge agent and hunted by the CIA. Forced to make a choice to survive and abandon Israel, he  leaves his country and disappears into the homeland of his parents and begins a new life in Bulgaria. There he eventually finds happiness, love and raises a family. But after 9-11, Eitan realizes he is not forgotten and is now a target. His family is murdered by rouge assassins from a cold war era program known as S7. As the years pass he becomes a cautionary tale in the Mossad. Most likely dead, but his story never forgotten.

Later, a new political evolution has made Bulgaria ground zero for radical political ideals that's could transform the European Union. It begins with an American Ambassador and his family being murdered. Langley, to prevent further repercussions sends in  CIA operative Edward Novak to contain the incident and track down the killers. Evidence quickly points to Eitan Levi as the facilitator of revenge from his own families murder. But Eva Karamanski, Vlad Mikhailov and Mossad operative Liam Algazi unravels a much deeper conspiracy. A plan to launch a 9-11 level terrorist action that will  drag the EU, Russia, Israel and the United States into a Middle East War.

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