Series & Films / Darkdrive

Director: Phillip J. Roth

Cast: Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzi, Claire Stansfield, Nick Eldredge, Ken Olandt, Christian W.C. Ryser, Suzanne Charnos, Barry Ross Rinehart, Christopher Goodson, Thomas Craig Elliott, Natasha Roth, Natalie Scandiuzzi, Kerry Skalsky, Marcus Aurelius, Larry Albert, Eric Liddell

Genre: Action,Sci-Fi

Status: completed

Year: 1996

In the near future, a new law has criminals sent to a virtual reality world as their prison built by a shadowy corporation called Zircon based in Seattle. The designer of the system, Steven Falcon, realizes the danger of it being overloaded and of hackers whom try to break in and steal files only to have the prisoners try to break out vie that method. When Falcon threatens to quit the operation, he becomes marked for murder by his employers whom force him to enter the Maxtrix virtual reality/afterlife to find the source of the danger of the system crashing.

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