UFO Film and Television Studios is a 4 studio- 5000 m2 (53,819 sq. ft.) complex with back-lot located 22 kilometers from the Sofia city center in an area called Dolna Malina. In addition to the studio, there is over 56,000 m2 (602,778 sq. ft.) of back-lot and expansion area for new exterior standing sets and stages.

Presently UFO Back-lot has a Standing Western Town, American Town, Middle East City, Medieval Village, Arctic Research Station and Afghan Village.

Plans are to build 4 more 1000 m2 stages (10,763 sq. ft.) dedicated to Television and commercial production over the next 2 years.

See details about: Stage 1Stage 2,  Stage 3Stage 4


At present the UFO Film and Television Studio back-lot includes an American TownWestern TownMedieval Square Afghan Village, and Arctic Station.