Series & Films / Storm

Director: Harris Done

Cast: Luke Perry, Martin Sheen, Robert Knott, David Moses, Alexandra Powers, Marc McClure, Renée Estevez, Glenn Shadix, E.E. Bell, David Sederholm, Richard Steven Horvitz, Kathleen Randazzo, Brendan Cowles, Mark Conley, Terry Parmer

Genre: Thriller

Status: completed

Year: 1998

On August 23, 1992, a black-ops research program led by General Roberts perfected a device to control the weather. It was launched from a specially outfitted plane and tested for the first time. But control of the machine was lost, and within hours a deadly hurricane had formed. It became the greatest natural disaster since the San Francisco Earthquake - Hurricane Andrew. In the wake of this catastrophe, all evidence of the program was buried. Seven years later, General Roberts has revived the top-secret project. He recruits ambitious meteorologist Ron Young, who has developed software that directs weather systems. The STORM device, now equipped with this software, has been launched into a weather front 300 miles off the California coast. Moments after the device has whipped the storm into a full-blown hurricane, Roberts orders it targeted at Mexico. The storm has grown in power to a super-hurricane...

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