Star Runners: The Web Series

Series & Films / Star Runners: The Web Series

Director: Jeff Beach

Cast: James Kyson Lee

Genre: Sci-Fi

Status: in production

Year: 2010

STAR RUNNERS introduced an exciting and vibrant universe where humanity had recently spread to the stars – though perhaps a bit too quickly. As colonies sprung up on distant planets, moons and space stations, the UNITED PLANETS (an extension of the United Nations) struggled to maintain order and stability. While the core planets were relatively easy to regulate, the outer planets, or Outskirts, presented a more difficult challenge. It wasn't long before the governing bodies tried to force their will on all colonies of man, and just as quickly, there was resistance.


The DISSIDENT FACTION was an underground movement intent on obtaining freedom from the U.P.'s control and ever-expanding empire. This created a black market for goods, and interstellar smuggling was big business. These “Star Runners” were the lifeblood of the resistance. They were also just regular men and women looking to make an honest (or not always so honest) living in this brave new world.  TYCHO 'TY' JOHNS and LEI CHEN are two such men who often find themselves caught between the U.P. Military and the Dissident Faction.


STAR RUNNERS: THE WEB SERIES will chronicle the years of camaraderie between the two and their many misadventures as space smugglers. Along the way, there will be many run-ins with the law, and of course, more than a few space critters. At the heart of the series, however, is an age old question with which anyone can relate – how far do you have to go to be free?


Finding inspiration from hit films and series such as Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Firefly, The Fifth Element and Pitch Black, STAR RUNNERS was an action-packed thrill ride through uncharted space, mixing classic space opera with Syfy's popular creature-feature formula. STAR RUNNERS: THE WEB SERIES promises to take it even further.


Ultimately, STAR RUNNERS is about good, old-fashioned adventure in space.

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