Shark Hunter

Series & Films / Shark Hunter

Director: Matt Codd

Cast: Antonio Sabato Jr., Christian Toulali, Grand L. Bush, Heather Marie Marsden, Velizar Binev, Hristo Shopov, Robert Zachar, Bojka Velkova, Kiril Hristov, Victor Biserov, Julian Vergov, Ivan Barnev, Nikolai Bojkov, Vesela Dimitrova

Genre: Action,Adventure,Adventure,Horror,Sci-Fi

Status: completed

Year: 2001

Years after his parents are killed by a megalodon (an enormous shark that has supposedly been extinct for millions of years), Dr. Spencer is obsessed with the idea of hunting down and killing the monster. He's assigned to investigate the destruction of an undersea research station with the crew of the Argus, a giant submarine Spencer designed himself. After a little searching the team realizes that it was indeed a megalodon that destroyed the base, and the hunt for the creature is on. Will the Argus and its crew have what it takes for Spencer to get his revenge?

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