Series & Films / Manticore

Director: Tripp Reed

Cast: Robert Beltran, Jeff Fahey, Chase Masterson, Heather Donahue, Faran Tahir, A.J. Buckley, Jeff M. Lewis, Richard Gnolfo, Jonas Talkington, Michail Elenov, George Zlatarev, Benjamin Burdick, Michael Cory Davis, Edmund Druilhet, Tripp Reed

Genre: Action,Horror,Sci-Fi,War

Status: completed

Year: 2004

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, a US Army Squad is sent to a small Iraqi town to locate a missing news crew, only to find the residents of the town dead and a living Weapon of Mass Destruction, a Manticore, awaken from it's long slumber by a terrorist leader wanting to rid his land of the American invaders at any price.

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