Magma: Volcanic Disaster

Series & Films / Magma: Volcanic Disaster

Director: Ian Gilmore

Cast: Xander Berkeley, Amy Jo Johnson, David O'Donnell, George R. Sheffey, Michael Durrell, Reiko Aylesworth, Vlado Mihailov, Rushi Vidinliev, Valentin Ganev, Assen Blatechki, Hristo Mitzkov, Scott Owens, Jonas Talkington, Ryan Spike Dauner, Nadia Ivanova

Genre: Action

Status: completed

Year: 2006

When a volcano expert becomes convinced that a cataclysmic natural disaster is about to unfold, a volcanologist Professor John Shepherd and his graduate students believes that recent unexplainable volcanic activity as all of the volcanoes in the world are going to erupt and kill every living thing on the planet! They try to convince the government that their theory is true not a joke while also trying to figure out how to stop it before time runs out!

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