Crystal Skulls

Series & Films / Crystal Skulls

Director: Todor Chapkanov

Cast: Richard Burgi, Wendy Glenn, David Rintoul, Sam Redford, JR Esposito


Status: completed

Year: 2014

It is 2020 and the impending apocalypse is inevitable.  Due to a rapidly growing Black Hole headed straight for the sun, Earth begins to fall into darkness, waves rise above Los Angeles, Paris is rocked by extreme earthquakes and Japan is crumbling.  Governments around the world race to build massive space arks for the lucky few who will escape Earth's tragic fate, though billions of people will be left behind.  At the same time in the ruins of a Mayan temple a solution is discovered: 12 ancient skulls, that when brought together can stop the destruction.   A team of scientists set out to find the hidden skulls and rescue mankind from imminent destruction.

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